Two more great ones gone.

With all the sadness and focus in the world on the untimely passing of Prince people should know two other great artists also left us this week. Legendary vocalist Percy Sledge passed earlier in the week and one of the most influential and iconic guitar players in rock music, Lonnie Mack passed away yesterday. Macks influence on rock guitar players is a veritable whose who of the genre. Stevie Ray Vaughan cited him as a major influence and they recorded and performed together. Descend down the ladder from Stevie Ray and everyone below him was influenced.
His album " Wham" eventually lent its name to the "whammy bar" on electric guitars. I remember hearing Lonnies recording of "Memphis" on our little hometown radio station in Nelson British Columbia, it kind of knocked my socks off. Rest in Peace Percy Sledge, Lonnie Mack and Prince. Gone but bot forgotten. 

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