"Talking Louisiann" update

"Talking Louisiann" from my cd " The Drivin' Wheel" was added by another 536 radio stations world wide bringing the total to 2954 five weeks after release. I am pretty stoked about this to say the least.  I guess the big test will come a year or two down the road when we see if any royalties are going to show up. "Just One Tender Kiss", the first single release is still in full rotation on 361 stations world wide going Into it 34th week after initial release. If " Talkin Louisiann" does as well I will be extremely pleased. Have a great week. If you are in the Harrisburg area this weekend, stop by the Harrisburg Midtown Arts Center on Saturday night to catch the Cameron Molloy Band featuring Laurie Matlock . Should be a lot of fun. Cheers, C

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