Lucky, fortunate, priviledged

A conversation with an old friend today focused once more on the pure genius of Prince, the writing of Haggard and his wonderful voice and phrasing. We also shared how fortunate we have been to have grown up in the hay day of AM radio, Elvis, the Beatles, the brilliant song writing of Gordon Lightfoot. You name it, we talked about it. The songs we grew up with will last forever, there isn't a song , country of pop written and released in the last 5 maybe 10 years that anyone will remember 25 years from now. We have been priviledged to have grown up during the birth of rock and roll. My friend and myself are both song writers who have been influenced by everything and everyone we have ever heard. Not quite sure where I am going with this so I'll stop. Rest in peace singer Billy Paul. Good night folks.

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  • Jesse
    Jesse Bellingham, WA
    I enjoyed it too pal. Thanks for calling.

    I enjoyed it too pal. Thanks for calling.

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