It's been a while but it was another good day

It has been awhile since I posted on here but it has been another good day. Spent with my family and in laws and while we were there, I did not walk into a bunch of poison oak and ivy while trying to get down to the creek that runs by their property. In other news, "Just One Tender Kiss" and "Talkin Louisiann" from my cd " The Drivin Wheel" are still get full time air play around this planet. Tender Kiss going on about 14 months now and Talkin closing in on 36 weeks. 
Had a royalty statement come in the other day and if the distributor of the compilation cd I have been putting my songs out on figures are correct, Tender Kiss should have had around 100000 plays world wide for the time period the royalty company was paying for. The song is being played on free standing and Internet stations. Royalty cheque? $1.90, isn't that something. 20 years ago that would have been worth close to 10 grand. Not anymore. For an artist to make the salary of an average employee is Spotify with songs being played on Spotify, the artist would need over 400 million plays. It is a real mess today. When I was in Nashville back in 89 and 90 I wrote with a fellow who administered a publishing company that owned 1/4 of the publishing rights to  Ocean Front Property. That would have been probably 4 years after its release and it was still bringing in to that publisher $25000.00 a quarter and kept the company afloat. You wonder how any of these small publisher keep going these days. I am happy and grateful to get the play, don't get me wrong, but I wish those sobs would get their hands out of my wallet. 

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