Another Good Day

It has been another good day here in South Central PA. Continuing news from over on my Number1Music page, "Tennessee Moon" from my "Blue Midnight" cd recorded a few years back with several of the "G Men" playing on it as well as "G Man" guitarist Chris Leuzinger producing, has been generating a lot of interest on my Number1Music page. So much so that I do believe I will release it as my next single on TripleStrand Productions compilation cd. I have to check with the manufacturer to see if there are individual tracking numbers on the cd. It was produced a while back so they might not have been invented yet.
On the home front, I installed a new electrical outlet for the new air conditioner we bought the other day. The power chord was about a foot too short to reach the nearest outlet so I said to myself, "I can fix that" and went down to the basement and rerouted some wiring. A real pain in the butt as all the work had to be done above and around the hot water heater. So my right wrist is quite sore, but the air conditioner, the bugger, she be working good. Wiring all correct with much thanks to my son Timothy for his assistance at various junctures during the process. Urgent notifications like when I flipped the breaker with the tester plugged into one of the outlets."Dad,dad, you screwed something up! You're supposed to have two orange lights but you have an orange and a red, you have a hot and a ground reversed! Better fix that or mommy will be mad!" Right son, checked all the wiring, there was a ground wire had come loose from a wire nut, reworked it and it seems to have solved the problem. 
In other news, for about the 500th time on Reverbnation, I got the old " thank you for your interest in our festival but we had some really hard decisions to make and unfortunately we can't use your services at this time. Good luck in your future endeavors from all of us here at the Third International Roots Music and Cat Licking Festival in ............... Wishing you all a great day tomorrow, hoping the wind leaves a few of my tomato plants standing. Cameron. And in the words of the immortal Red Green, " remember, if the girls don't find you handsome, they should at least find you handy!"

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