Another good day

Well, today I got to plant 3 tomato plants and 4 or 5 packs of sunflower seeds. Read a little in "My Four Minute Life" by my dear friend Jesse McRae and received the following information from the Number1music charts. Traditional country, " Tennessee Moon, #1 in PA, #12 in the USA, Americana: Pancho and Lefty , #1 in PA, #21 in USA, "Just One Tender Kiss",#2 in PA, # 31 in USA, Country Rock: Talkin Louisiann, #2 in PA and #14 in USA, Blues: Big Muddy River, #4 in PA,# 69 USA, Mrs Jones #5 PA, Folk: Bird With A Broken Wing #6 PA #25 USA. Not bad days work. The other good news is that 3 of my fans on Number1Music jumped all over a write up I did on "My Four Minute Life" by Jesse McRae and they are passing it along to their friends. Have a great day. C

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  • Jesse
    Jesse Bellingham, WA
    Thanks again Pal. I owe you!

    Thanks again Pal. I owe you!

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