The Youngbloods

I spent an hour or two yesterday listening to a couple of songs by the Youngbloods. Darkness Darkness and Grizzly Bear. I was thinking of working Darkness Darkness into our repertoire and then played Grizzly Bear which it turns out, I have played off an on since 1967 or 68. It is a no brainer for our band and is going to be a lot of fun to bring to the group and have them put their individual spins on it. A real fun song, great groove and very good playing on it.
The real treat was when I came across a 10 part interview with Jesse Colin Young. If you are a student of American music or how those great bands and artists from the 60's got started these are a great set of interviews to wTch.

Songwriters, real or imaginary, check out by my old and dear friend Jesse McRae. He lived life as hard as anyone I ever knew, wrestled with more demons than anyone I ever knew, was midwife to his sons birth and raised him from the time he was a little boy. Played every back road speak easy,bar and lounge all over British Columbia and finally made it to Nashville and spent 15 years there working on his craft. His is a story of triumph in the face of every kind of adversity you can imagine. Like me, he played and stayed in hotels where you nailed the door to your room shut when you got ready to hit the sack, if you weren't to wasted to remember. My Four Minute Life, check it out. 

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