The days pass

Well, the days pass slowly and with a certain feeling of the loss of greatness and genius from our lives. Purple Rain has been in constant play on MTV, the network news channels have been interviewing folks who worked with Prince, talking about the incredible loss and not about politics for a brief respite from that lunacy. Saw a video performance of Prince and another guitarist, both on acoustics last night and it just blew me away. The song craft, the voice, the guitar playing, all so fluid. He played passing runs between chord changes that were completely off the hook.
There is a very interesting interview on line from the Washington Post with ZZTops Billy Gibbons about a conversation he had with Prince about guitar playing and how much admiration he had for his genius.
Videos on Facebook of classic Merle Haggard performances and treasures and gems from guitarist of Lonnie Mack. I guess like everyone else out there, I would just like it all to stop for a while. We have lost too many already this year.

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