song update

Well here we go, it has been a while but here is  new info on some of my songs. Out in the wide world of radio. "Just One Tender Kiss' and "Talkin Louisiann" from my cd " The Drivin' Wheel' are both still holding their own in radio land. "Just One Tender Kiss" has now been out 55 weeks and is still in full rotation (15 plays a week) on 185 stations world wide. "Talkin Louisiann"  has been out now for 28 weeks and is in full rotation on 425 stations worldwide. A little closer to home, on Number1Music, "Talkin Louisiann", "Bird With A Broken Wing" and" Just One Tender Kiss" are holding down number 1 chart positions in Pennsylvania on the Number1Music country rock, folk and Americana charts respectively. On top of that, my recording of the Townes Van Zant classic, "Pancho and Lefty" is number 2 on the Americana charts and "Mrs Jones" and "Big Muddy River" are number 4 and 7 respectively of the Blues charts for Pennsylvania. Not to shabby id I do say so myself. So have a great day, cheers, Cameron

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