Happy Mothers Day

Well, happy Mothers Day, whether you are a mother or not, here's to you. My wife and son went to Hagerstown today and came home with a bicycle for him. I am pretty excited for him as he hasn't shown much interest in it in the past. So they got home, I had been tinkering around the house,checking email where I found notes from a couple of folks who expressed interest in booking my band.
I told my wife I would grill a nice dinner for here on the new barby, she suggested I might want to use the crock pot, she was right. Forlorn hope, number 398, I can't grill a chuck roast on bbq very well at all. She was gracious, she is gracious a lot.
Spent some more time with "My Four Minute Life" by my good friend of 41 years, Jesse McRae. He is a very, very good songwriter who has worked extremely hard at his craft. Jesse has also dealt with a myriad of health issues, dealt with, well, read his book to find all that out. Jesse and I have been close friends since 1974, we have both walked down some pretty crazy roads but after reading half of his book, he has an edge on me but he is older! The last time Jesse and I spent any time together was in the fall of 2000. I was working for Sam's Club and through a series of phone conversations followed his lead into the world of motorcycles. So I bought a 2000 Honda 750 Shadow, dressed it out a bit and after work one Friday night started my vacation by heading down I 81 towards Nashville. Made it deep into Virginia staying for the rest of the night in a hotel before getting on the road early the next morning and riding straight through to Nashville where he met me at a gas station somewhere in that city. We spent the better part of a week hanging out, swapping stories, going on a few good rides. The day I was to leave, I wanted to get away early in the morning but there were still more folks to visit so it was the middle of the afternoon before we finally headed out of Nashville and I got on my way. By the time I got to Staunton Virginia, I was freezing cold but about half way home. Anyhow, 16 years have gone by since we last spent any time together, he is still my best friend. That's a pretty good measure of a friendship. 

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