Another Good Day

I spent today with my family. We went to see Captain America, Civil War and We very much enjoyed the movie. My wife and son, both being younger than me are right into the Marvel World. We came home, made dinner together, I went to a meeting when I got home we played several games of UNO before they went to bed and I watched the end of the Capitals and Penquins game. Yep I am a hockey fan.
Up in Alberta, things around Fort McMurray and that big forest fire seem to be going from bad to worse. Last report I read, it was the size of all five boroughs of the city of New York. Almost 90000 people displaced, it would appear the only assistance has come from a couple of teams of Mexican firefighters. You can't stop a fire like this with men and equipment on the ground and planes dropping water from the sky. The only way fires like this slow down is with drastic weather changes and that isn't likely to happen anytime soon. 
Pondered my friend Jesse McRaes writing in "My Four Minute Life" today. Thinking about how a man in his mid 50's, who has been rootless his entire adult life rescues his 4 year old son from an extremely dangerous situation and then as the great song on the first Blood Sweat and Tears album said, the Child Is Father to the Man. Get that book folks. Visit his website, you will not regret it. Have a great day, Happy Mothers Day to all you mothers out there. C

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