Check out our store, we now have it linked to a PayPal account and our new compilation cd, “Westwind Rider” as well as “The Drivin’ Wheel” are both available as cd’s or downloads. Also we have our “The Way West” western Canadian tour t’s available as well as our “Westwind Rider” hoodies! Check it out and enjoy!


Cameron Molloy is an award winning singer songwriter,recording artist, guitarist, musician, entertainer , band leader who brings years of performing and writing experience to any stage he steps on. Whether an intimate evening in a coffee house, winery or craft brewery or on a festival stage in front of a throng of people, Cam seems to full fill the role of story teller as much as singer/songwriter. From the World Exposition in Vancouver to the Calgary Stampede, to song writing in Nashville and recording in Nashville with the famed G Men, ( Garth Brooks’ recording team) Cameron has been there, done that. 

A few of his awards include Solo Entertainer of the Year and Male Vocalist of the Year, British Columbia Country Music Association, Gold Eagle International Independent Artist Award. In the past 3 years Cameron has had 5 international top twenty independent Americana/Country songs released by Triplestrand Productions. 




For bookings in Canada: Gary Lines, (403)504-9001,

Bookings in United States: Cameron Molloy,(717)977-4066,






Thank you for visiting my site. Looking forward to sharing my journey through stories, videos and music.

Ten More Miles   

“Ten More Miles” was written on a forestry lookout on the Big Bend of the Columbia River. Influenced by “the Brand New Tennessee Waltz” by Jesse Winchester, “Dire Wolf” from the Grateful Dead and “ the Cremation of Sam McGee” a poem by Robert Service, the story in the song take place in the winter of 1893 in the Kootenay area of British Columbia. It is about a young man seeking his fortune prospecting for silver and gold who gets caught in a blizzard/snowstorm and unltimately perishes. 

This song was recorded twice in my early recording career and this particular rendition is from my 1982 release “Molloy” on Silvertip Records out of Calgary Alberta. The song has been immensely popular on both my Reverbnation page and by SoundCloud page as well. Triplestrand Productions picked “Ten More Miles” from several tunes I submitted. It has been released worldwide on their current international compilation cd as of March 4 2019. If you happen to hear it on your local radio please let me know. Have a great day! C




New world wide song release set for early March   

Early March will see the release of my 7th single release through Triplestrand Production out of Minnesota. The last 6 releases have all done exceedingly well on international radio from New Zealand and Australia, Western Europe and the South western United States. 

My new release is a song call “ Ten More Miles” from an album recorded in 1982! The song, performance and production still stands up after all these years. “ Ten More Miles” has been in the top three songs played on my Reverbnation page as well as on my Soundcloud account. I wrote “Ten More Miles” in the summer of 1971 while working on Kinbasket forestry lookout up on the Big Bend of the Columbia River. The tune was influenced by “the Brand New Tennessee Waltzl by the late Jesse Winchester, “Dire Wolf” by the Grateful Dead” and “the Cremation of Sam McGee” by the Canadian poet Robert Service. 

Needless to say, I was quite pleased when Triplestrand picked “Ten More Miles” for this release. The song Canadiana in its heart and soul!. Folks in Mountain View and Menlo Park California thanks for playing this song on SoundCloud and thanks to my peers and contemporaries on Reverbnation for the attention given to the song also. Cheers, Cameron. Hey if you visit the page, leave a message, I really appreciate each and every visit it would just be nice to no your name and have an email address too. 


The new year. 

Well, I see I haven’t posted anything here for a while and we are into the second month of 2019. Last year was a great year, got to tour out in western Canada, released a new single “Blue Heart at Midnight”, released in June 2018 is still doing very well on international radio with 460 stations playing  it as is “The Older I Get” , which was released in November 2017 is still getting played on 250 stations world. 

Both songs placed well on the European Top 40 charts and I was fortunate to spend several months on the European top 200 artists chart, reaching as high as #32. 

My trio, “The Drivin’ Wheel” ended up last year being the feature act at the 2nd Friday’s Coffee House at the 393 Event Center here in Chambersburg. Quite an honor being asked to perform as the majority of the acts that appear in the series come from the Folk Alliance annual showcase. 

The Drivin’ Wheel has played three new venues so far this years, Benny’s Pub in Hagerstown Md, we will be back 4 more times this year, Leitersburg Tavern in Leitersburg Md, rebooked there also and the Marketcross Pub in Carlisle PA with future engagements in the works. Taking the next little while off before getting back to work in April. See scheduled shows on my show page.

lots of visitors to the webpage from as far away as Moscow, Great Britain, Northern Ireland, China, California multiple US states and Canadian provinces. Thanks for the visits folks, leave a name or email address and I will keep you posted on upcoming events. Thanks for sticking with me have a great February. 

The Way West Tour, June 22nd to July 29th 2016 

So the Way West Tour is a thing of the past, I have been back home in Pennsylvania since August 5, back with my loving family. So what was it like going back out on the road after so many years away from it? Well, it was great, everything I had hoped it would be. My tour manager, Garry Lines and myself set up 23 dates between Saskatchewan and British Columbia. First performance, a Community Concert in Beaver Flat, Sask, last performance, a house concert in Saskatoon. In between those dates, I played in Swift Current, Cantaur, and Maple Creek Saskatchewan, then back to Medicine Hat Alberta , out to Tompkins Saskatchewan and Cypress Hills Park in Saskatchewan, back to Medicine Hat then Didsbury Alberta at the Country Nook where I hooked up with guitarist John Cronin. We first played together 40 years ago in Invermere and over the following years worked together off and on for 6 or 7 years. He spent 7 years with Canadian legend Ian Tyson, touring North America. It was great to see him again and wonderful to hear his guitar playing adding color and texture to my songs. Another surprise in Didsbury was my dear friend and former band mate of many year, Brian Richard who dropped by to play some bass guitar.

After Didsbury, John and I crossed the Rockies to perform at the Steamboat Mountain Festival in Edgewater British Columbia on the afternoon of July 8th where we were joined by Marty Beinguessner on bass. solid as a rock he was! Sunday the 9th was a songwriters workshop for 20 or so folks where I basically describe my approach to songwriting. After my work shop I was asked to join the amazing Oscar Lopez for his guitar workshop. Oscar is an amazing musician, 7 time Juno nominee, 2 time Juno winner. 

The next stop took John and me back into southern Alberta to the Twin Butte Country General Store. What a great night that was! The next day we were back Medicine Hat. That weekend we performed at Eagle Valley Campground, Medicine Hat Brewing Company on Saturday then off to the Buye Family Ranch and Farm for a House concert which was a wonderful evening. Then we were off to Calgary to the Ironwood Stage and Grill where I got to perform with a full band! John and I were joined by Myron Shotz on fiddle, Joey McIntyre on drums and Brian Richard on bass. We had a great time and were told after our show by the bartender who has worked there for 4 years that it was the best set of music he had heard in that room. I let that sit as it is. 

We left Calgary the next day for Rossland BC where I performed at Fuel Gastropub, owned by my oldest son Aaron, on Thursday evening. I took advantage of that performance to pay tribute to my late songwriting partner Denis Gunn who was from Rossland and was one of the finest songwriters I have ever known. 

Friday night was a return to my roots, the Royal Canadian Legion in Nelson BC where I was completely over whelmed by a sold out house of old and dear friends. It was the highlight of the tour. I was joined by my friends Roger Henthorne on bass, as well as providing the PA system and again John Cronin on guitars and dobro who drove over from his home in the Windermere Valley in eastern British Columbia. Like I said earlier, John and myself have played together off and on for 40 years, Roger and I have played together for 50 years, it was a wonderful evening of good friends and music from the hearts of three longtime friends.                                                                                                                                 On Saturday Aaron picked me up and we drove up to the Six Mile Lakes where I spent many a happy day in my youth fishing. All available camping site were taken so we ended up going to Syringa Creek Provincial Park and set up camp there for the evening. It was wonderful to be able to spend time with Aaron, as it had been 7 years since we had seen each other. The next day was spent exploring the old townsite of Remac on the Pend D’Reille river where our family lived when I was a little boy. Not much left of that site but it stirred up some long forgotten memories.

Monday morning Garry and myself were off to Vancouver for the final 3 dates of the tour. We had absolutely marvelous accommodations provided by my dear friend Paul Hovan, a 12th floor condominium over looking Vancouver harbor. Wednesday evening we were in Gibson’s at the 101 Brewing Company where I shared the evening with Del Cowsill, son of the legendary,late Billy Cowsill and I can tell you the apple did not fall far from the tree. That evening I was invited into the home of Jim Foster, another legendary Canadian songwriter and performer. Next back to Vancouver and a rehearsal with Rusty Creek. Saturday, the linchpin job of the tour the 9th Avenue Kits/4th Avenue Reunion. It was an absolute blast! As Paul Hovan told a friend, “ Cameron got on stage and held court!” Quite a compliment, the band was great and included an old and dear influential friend Lee Stevens on bass. So many old friends and family were there, my middle son Tailis,(checkout Conscious Flow Jewelr) my sister Maureen, nephew Daniel, another great group of Nelson folks. Just an amazing time. During this week I spent a wonderful evening with my middle son Tailis.

Sunday afternoon a picnic and then a Back Yard BBQ and concert in Deep Cove. A wonderfully receptive audience for the last official show of the tour. We left the next day for Rossland then onto Cranbrook for a family reunion with my brothers and sisters, hosted by our niece Theresa and her family. A couple days in Cranbrook then back to Medicine Hat and to Saskatoon where Jill Reid hosted a house concert in her penthouse suite. Another wonderful evening, great receptive audience and a feast of buffalo burgers. On a plane at 10 minutes after midnight, home the next day. 

I guess this is a little drawn out but here are a few things I learned along the way

1: at 71 years of age I am as good as I ever was, my songs have stood the test of time.

2: the road for me, is a comfortable place.

3: don’t eat the wraps Canadian Airlines serves in flight unless you have a food thermometer to test temperature 

4: if you go into a restaurant, no matter how fancy and prestigious and you find dead flies on the window ledges, get up and leave, their sanitation program is non existent

5: it is painful to see old and dear friends and family in the jaws of addiction

6: Husky Truck stops and gas stations men’s restrooms smell as bad in 2018 as they did in 1973. They are at least consistent in one aspect of their business

7: I am blessed with friends and fans who have been loyal followers of my career since I was a kid

8: my brothers and sisters are the best anyone could have

9: my wife Kristy and youngest son Timothy are my anchor in this life

10: I have the best road manager and merchandise girl in the business!

11: A lot of people were involved in making this tour happen. My in laws, Tim and Deb Warriner who watch my son for 6 weeks, my wife Kristy who adjusted her work schedule facilitate my absence. Garry Lines and Barry Dean who set up the Alberta/Saskatchewan dates and merchandise. Jeff Shoop who designed all the graphics for posters, t shirts, hoodies and the Westwind Rider cd, Chris Eichelberger who provided the photos, Nathan Pinsent for the Westwind Rider cd cover, Jesse McRae for the cd liner notes and all the venues and folks who invited me into their homes to perform, Jill Reid who took over as merchandiser, Nick for driving the bus, Ahmed for being a great roadie and last but not least my dear friend and impresario Paul Hovan who set up the west coast dates and who has been influential in my career from the very beginning. All of these folks made it possible, all I had to do was go out and do the best performances of my career. Thanks to each and everyone involved, I couldn’t have undertaken this tour without all of your help. So greatly appreciated!

Back in the day 

Back in the day in Vancouver British Columbia I had the honor of working with a drummer from a small town in British Columbia. His name was Larry McGillivray and from 1967 up through 1982 he was a major influence and participant in my career. Larry was a fiery kind of guy in a good way. Easy going, quick to smile and laugh at a joke but also quick to call bs when he saw it. We had our first band together in 1967, it was called the Iron Light and was Composed of Larry on drums, Jimmy Vivior on bass and Dave Quinn on keys. We covered a lot of the classic rock of the day from the Mothers of Invention to the Dead, Stones,some r&b. We had a lot of fun together. The band eventually broke upas Larry went off to college, Jim and Dave got married. 
Whenever Larry came back to area we would get together to hang out or do some playing. After he graduated from UBC he stayed in Vancouver and we hooked up again. He played with a group called Brain Damage and an off shoot of that band Ridgerunner. Together, along with bassist David Rutter we worked Nigel Pickering who was a founding member of Spanky and Our Gang. Nigel was a hard task master who had been in the business forever. He drove us hard, practices were long and often intense session as he endeavor end to teach us the complex harmonies and arrangements of quite a few tune from the Spanky songbook. We worked out butts off. I wasn't much of a lead guitar player. Prior to moving to Vancouver, Nigel and his family had been in Holland where Jan Ackerman was Nigel's guitar player. Big shoes to try to fill. Eventually, that group ran its course and we all moved on to different projects.  
Sometime around then I made a solo trip to Alberta and when I came back I put together Cameron Molloy and Black Elk. Larry came on board as my drummer and we picked up a couple of brothers from Calgary, Dick and Brian StGoddardt on guitar and bass. We played a few dates around Van city and over on Vancouver Island then loaded Larry's Chevy Van with all our gear and went to Prince Rupert and back. Stopping in Burns Lake and Terrace along the way. By the time we got back the band was broken and I wanted to shut it down but my manager insisted we honor a signed contract so we headed to Nelson, against my better judgement where we imploded on stage. Lasted two nights in our hometown. Bad taste for sure. I went off to do solo work for the next several years and Larry went on to play with quite a few Vancouver groups most notable of which were Doug and the Slugs and Blue Northern. 
After the release of my first album on CBC Radio Canada International I decided to put together a band again and Larry agreed to come on board once more. We had quite a run for 4 years. Eventually egos,mainly my own started cloud the judgement of the group and one of our key members decided to quit. It broke up the band. It was not a particularly amicable split. When a band reaches the end of its run and by mutual agreement , you play one last gig, throw a party and everyone's goes their own way. When a band breaks up and there is a lot of animosity it's like a divorce, only you are divorcing quite a few people. In this case there was 5 members of the band, 2 members of the sound and light crew, the couple who made our tshirts, buttons etc and the wives and girlfriends of various member. Probably 12 or 14 folks. Not including agents.
it was very difficult. The toughest part was that Larry and I had been friend for almost 15 years and we eventually lost contact with each other. 
I moved out to Calgary because there was more work out there. My partner Valerie left our relationship to pursue her own career and eventually we went our separate ways on a personal level too. 
Sadly, Larry passed away last week. I never got a chance to sit down with him again, we went on with our lives. We reconnected on Facebook a few years ago but some things are best said face to face.  I didn't know that he had been concerned about me, I just found that out yesterday. We never got to say goodbye and that hurts. The moral I guess is if you need to say something to someone say it, don't let those opportunities slip away. Larry and I hadn't seen each other since 1987 or 88 but today I find myself missing him more than ever. God speed my friend I am ever greatful to have had the opportunity to share in your journey through this life. 


Another Good Day 

It has been another good day here in South Central PA. Continuing news from over on my Number1Music page, "Tennessee Moon" from my "Blue Midnight" cd recorded a few years back with several of the "G Men" playing on it as well as "G Man" guitarist Chris Leuzinger producing, has been generating a lot of interest on my Number1Music page. So much so that I do believe I will release it as my next single on TripleStrand Productions compilation cd. I have to check with the manufacturer to see if there are individual tracking numbers on the cd. It was produced a while back so they might not have been invented yet.
On the home front, I installed a new electrical outlet for the new air conditioner we bought the other day. The power chord was about a foot too short to reach the nearest outlet so I said to myself, "I can fix that" and went down to the basement and rerouted some wiring. A real pain in the butt as all the work had to be done above and around the hot water heater. So my right wrist is quite sore, but the air conditioner, the bugger, she be working good. Wiring all correct with much thanks to my son Timothy for his assistance at various junctures during the process. Urgent notifications like when I flipped the breaker with the tester plugged into one of the outlets."Dad,dad, you screwed something up! You're supposed to have two orange lights but you have an orange and a red, you have a hot and a ground reversed! Better fix that or mommy will be mad!" Right son, checked all the wiring, there was a ground wire had come loose from a wire nut, reworked it and it seems to have solved the problem. 
In other news, for about the 500th time on Reverbnation, I got the old " thank you for your interest in our festival but we had some really hard decisions to make and unfortunately we can't use your services at this time. Good luck in your future endeavors from all of us here at the Third International Roots Music and Cat Licking Festival in ............... Wishing you all a great day tomorrow, hoping the wind leaves a few of my tomato plants standing. Cameron. And in the words of the immortal Red Green, " remember, if the girls don't find you handsome, they should at least find you handy!"

It's been a while but it was another good day 

It has been awhile since I posted on here but it has been another good day. Spent with my family and in laws and while we were there, I did not walk into a bunch of poison oak and ivy while trying to get down to the creek that runs by their property. In other news, "Just One Tender Kiss" and "Talkin Louisiann" from my cd " The Drivin Wheel" are still get full time air play around this planet. Tender Kiss going on about 14 months now and Talkin closing in on 36 weeks. 
Had a royalty statement come in the other day and if the distributor of the compilation cd I have been putting my songs out on figures are correct, Tender Kiss should have had around 100000 plays world wide for the time period the royalty company was paying for. The song is being played on free standing and Internet stations. Royalty cheque? $1.90, isn't that something. 20 years ago that would have been worth close to 10 grand. Not anymore. For an artist to make the salary of an average employee is Spotify with songs being played on Spotify, the artist would need over 400 million plays. It is a real mess today. When I was in Nashville back in 89 and 90 I wrote with a fellow who administered a publishing company that owned 1/4 of the publishing rights to  Ocean Front Property. That would have been probably 4 years after its release and it was still bringing in to that publisher $25000.00 a quarter and kept the company afloat. You wonder how any of these small publisher keep going these days. I am happy and grateful to get the play, don't get me wrong, but I wish those sobs would get their hands out of my wallet. 

Another Good Day 

I did not drink today, I did not drink for the last 10950 plus however many leap years are in there days. Most important decision I have ever made in my life. You can do it, if I can do it, anyone can do it. 
Got a royalty statement to day, $1.90 for the 3rd quarter of 2015. It is a good thing I am not counting on it for anything important. Have a great day, mine was very good. Cheers, C

Another Good Day 

Another Good Day. Read some more in "My Four Minute Life" , powerful writing, wish it was a longer book. That kind of reading. We have a great piano player lined up for our performance at the River City Blues Club, another possible job on the horizon. 3 more fans on my Number1 Music page have recommended "My Four Minute Life" written by my friend Jesse McRae. Check it out at Have a great day. C

Another good day 

Well, today I got to plant 3 tomato plants and 4 or 5 packs of sunflower seeds. Read a little in "My Four Minute Life" by my dear friend Jesse McRae and received the following information from the Number1music charts. Traditional country, " Tennessee Moon, #1 in PA, #12 in the USA, Americana: Pancho and Lefty , #1 in PA, #21 in USA, "Just One Tender Kiss",#2 in PA, # 31 in USA, Country Rock: Talkin Louisiann, #2 in PA and #14 in USA, Blues: Big Muddy River, #4 in PA,# 69 USA, Mrs Jones #5 PA, Folk: Bird With A Broken Wing #6 PA #25 USA. Not bad days work. The other good news is that 3 of my fans on Number1Music jumped all over a write up I did on "My Four Minute Life" by Jesse McRae and they are passing it along to their friends. Have a great day. C

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Previous events

Cameron Molloy , The Drivin' Wheel

Chambersburg Memorial Park Bandshell , McKinley Street, Chambersburg PA

One hour concert at the Chambersburg Memorial Park bandshell. This will be our first performance since March 7th of this year due to the Covid19 pandemic and lockdown. We are grateful to be able to get back to performing some tunes for friends and fans. Preparations are underway to video the sho pow and possibly do a Facebook or Yuotube live performance.

Cameron Molloy , The Drivin' Wheel

Laurel Run Pub, Chicks, Landisburg, PA

our second time back to this legendary venue tucked away in the hills of Perry County Pennsylvania, great food and libations and more mojo than any other venue we have played!

Cameron Molloy , The Drivin' Wheel

Moo Duck Brewey, Elizabethtown PA

Our second time back to Moo Duck, this is an early show and we had a great time the last time we were there. “Buck Dancers Choice” will once again be joining us with a set of classic Dead tunes.

Cameron Molloy , The Drivin' Wheel

Gearhouse Brewing Company , Grant Street, Chambersburg, PA

Back at the Gearhouse for our first show of 2020! We will be joined by special guests “Buck Dancers Choice” performing a selection of classic Grateful Dead songs off Workingmans Dead, American Beauty, Europe 72, Garcia, Ace and the original Skeletons From the Closet. Come on down!

Cameron Molloy , acoustic solo

the Garage Studios, Main Street, Chambersburg PA

The Garage Studio is the most interesting business in downtown Chambersburg. owners Tom and Jennifer are amazing artists who practice their crafts in this funky room filled with all kinds of art work and antiques. Tom also does glass blowing demonstrations. Playing music at the Garage Studio I am just a part of a greater event. Come on down!

Cameron Molloy and Roger Henthorne

Show canceled, Taghum British Columbia

Heading out to British Columbia for a family get together and I will be making a stop in the Nelson area and performing with my dear friend Roger Henthorne at the historic Taghum Hall

Unfortunately this show has been cancelled. Hoping to be able to schedule it later in the fall.

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    Howdy Cameron Great To Be Writing With Ya ..... Talkin' Louisiann Is Kicking Buddy Gonna Be Released In Canada Soon ~ (*∫*) ~

    Howdy Cameron Great To Be Writing With Ya ..... Talkin' Louisiann Is Kicking Buddy
    Gonna Be Released In Canada
    Soon ~ (*∫*) ~

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    Great website Cam!

    Great website Cam!

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    Hey Cameron, You have a great looking web site. Very well laid out. I'll definitely add it to my favorites. Love ya, Ern

    Hey Cameron,
    You have a great looking web site.
    Very well laid out. I'll definitely add it to my favorites.
    Love ya,

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    Got the link. Thanks Cam. I'm just beginning to explore this site, but as an old friend who has been around since the early days of your career, and who has been forged side by side with you in many of the same fires, I want to tell you how very much I love Whitmoyer's bio - one of the truest, most sincere, succinct and hyperbole-free pieces I've ever read. Norman Cousins said: "If something comes to life in others because of you, then you have made an approach to immortality." I'm not sayin' you're immortal, old friend, but your music definitely brings "something to life in others." I've seen it happen time and again, for forty years now. Keep that big ol' wheel drivin' Amigo! Jesse McRae

    Got the link. Thanks Cam. I'm just beginning to explore this site, but as an old friend who has been around since the early days of your career, and who has been forged side by side with you in many of the same fires, I want to tell you how very much I love Whitmoyer's bio - one of the truest, most sincere, succinct and hyperbole-free pieces I've ever read.

    Norman Cousins said: "If something comes to life in others because of you, then you have made an approach to immortality." I'm not sayin' you're immortal, old friend, but your music definitely brings "something to life in others." I've seen it happen time and again, for forty years now.

    Keep that big ol' wheel drivin' Amigo!

    Jesse McRae